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Cloud Hosted Windows 10 Desktop

April 7, 2019

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device with JUNQ’s Hosted Desktop Services

Cloud WorkSpaces helps you eliminate the complexity in managing hardware inventory, OS versions and patches, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which helps simplify your desktop delivery strategy.

The desktop you know and love on your physical device, hosted in the cloud for anytime access.

Scale Your Global Desktop Deployment

Cloud WorkSpaces are available in 16 Countries and provides access to high performance Windows based desktops wherever your teams get work done. You can access a global deployment of 1-1000 WorkSpaces. And we can rapidly provision and de-provision desktops as the needs of your workforce change.

Give your business more power in the cloud

Cloud WorkSpaces offer a range of CPU, memory, and solid-state storage bundle configurations that can be rapidly upgraded so you have the right resources for your applications. You don’t have to waste time trying to predict how many desktops you need or what configuration those desktops should be.

Secured for the remote workforce

The rapid growth of remote and mobile workers is placing pressure on IT to provide fast, easy access to corporate applications and data from the device of their choice. Cloud WorkSpaces helps mobile and remote employees access the applications users need by delivering a cloud desktop accessible anywhere with an internet connection using any supported device.

Require a large scale VDI solution? Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix web-scale architecture provides predictable performance, linear scaling, and simplified management for virtual desktop infrastructure deployments. Nutanix VDI solutions are ideal for scenarios that require a quick turnaround of virtual desktops, such as classrooms, call center operations, and healthcare facilities.

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